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The Mortgage

Application Checklist

Current Employment Information

Name, address and phone number of the company you currently work for. (If you have been on the job less than 2 years, your prior job history with company addresses and phone numbers.)

If You're...

Hold Up!

Salaried/Hourly Employee...

Two most recent paystubs showing year to date income overtime, commission and bonus income if applicable.


Varies widely. Call Therese for details. Generally 1-2 years tax returns, profit and loss statements and YTD info, etc.

Employed by

a Relative

1-2 years tax returns and 2 recent paystubs showing Year to Date Income Info.

Income from Social Security

You need a copy of Benefits Letter and copy of last check or proof of direct deposit into your bank.

Proof of Assets

Checking and savings accounts, brokerage accounts, etc. Whatever accounts your down payment and closing costs are coming from! And accounts that show additional assets for reserve funds for qualifying benefit.

Your Residence for the past two years...

Any Purchases

Copy of signed purchase agreement and a copy of earnest money deposit check.

Other items that may be needed per individual situations:


  • Divorce Decrees. Child support/alimony payment info.

  • If using rental property income to qualify, copies of leases and rental income.

  • If taking money from a 401k, most recent statement.

  •  There are too many other categories of income to list here! Many individuals have unique circumstances so call me to find out what you may need to qualify.

Ready to get pre-approved? 

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