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Things Not To Do After You

Apply for a Mortgage


Don't make major purchases like jewelry, furniture, vehicles or vacations. Do NOT open any new lines of credit.


Don't change or quit your job. If you feel you may be changing jobs when you apply or are in the process of getting a mortgage, let Therese know as soon as possible.You don't want any issues, so If she is aware of the possible change, it shouldn't be a problem. 


Consult with Therese before withdrawing, depositing or moving large amounts of money in or out of your bank account. Don't close your current

bank account and open a new one with funds you

need for closing!


Do not pay off debts, collections (unless instructed to do so after talking with Therese) and don't close any current accounts as that could cause a drop in your credit score!


Avoid using cash for a good-faith deposit – cash is

difficult to verify. Use funds from your checking or savings account so it can be easily verified.


Don't have your credit report pulled too many

times – this could cause your credit scores to drop.

Get In Touch

If you have questions or need more information to purchase a property or refinance, get in touch anytime and I'll be more than happy to help! 

Thanks for sending a message. I'll respond as soon as I can! - Therese

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